Artprint : “Tru Thoughts 15th Year” Commemorative Poster

If you are quick you can get one of the last PledgeMusic box sets that the Brighton indie label have put together with a specially commissioned screenprint by the Zoo.

Celebrating their 15th year as a recording and publishing outfit, the guys at the Tru Thoughts office have put together a range of goodies including the odd signed poster by other artists that were published when Tru Thoughts acts have played various shows around the world – ours however was an especially commissioned edition of 55 and we’re pleased to report that pre-sales have very nearly secured homes for the entire batch!

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables were asked to produce a commemorative print celebrating 15 years of Tru Thoughts

Tru Thoughts 15th Anniversary Poster Commission – Screenprint, 4colours, 64 x 45cm – From an edition of 55

Click here for a chance to snag this box-set deal (£70) or to select one of the other various goodie bags ranging from £50 – £300
…or click here to see (and listen to) some of the quality acts that Tru Thoughts have brought the world (Alice Russell, Quantic, Bonobo, Nostalgia 77, Rodney P, Lost Midas, Youngblood Brass Band etc etc)

The Zoo will be printing a small number of artist proofs and studio proofs that will be available from our stalls at various events and fares or by emailing us ( …printing soon – we’ll update when done.

Thanks for reading.

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Exhibition : Aspex Gallery – Contemporary Makers Fair

Portsmouth's Aspex Gallery

The Aspex is found in the historic part of Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

Just logging in quickly to tell you that Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables have a stall at the Aspex today (Saturday 9th) and tomorrow (Sunday 10th – duh!)…

Our second time here and very chuffed too – it’s a pretty slick space and has a great roster of shows and workshops – a real gem. Maybe catch a few of you down there – cheers!

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Gigposter : Loop – Primavera

Just a very quick blog to let you all know that we’re off to Primavera in Barcelona in a few days time! We will be manning the Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables stall at Flatstock Europe which is held within the festival site and it’s set to be quite an exciting time by all accounts – lots of friends will also be representing their studios and there’s a number on the roster that we’ve not yet hung out with – good times ahead!

Even more exciting is the news that we have secured a poster by long time favourites of The Zookeeper : LOOP!

psychedelic gigposter for LOOP by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables - Primavera Spain

Loop, Primavera Festival, Barcelona – Screenprint, 3colours (process CMY)– A2, from an edition of 80

Focussing more on the sun and heat of Barcelona than perhaps the darker aspects of band imagery that a “soundhead” might have possibly expected, this poster still captures the boom and fuzz and howl of Loop’s hypnotic sound – the basslines of “straight to your heart” and “the nail will burn” were being hummed for lengthy durations whilst this poster was designed and printed… ah the heady days of 89/90 …good memories.

detail shot of the hand-printed Loop poster

detailed shot of the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow fizzing away on top of each other

We’ll post again when we get back – hopefully with some great photos… there’s plenty more good news to tell about the momentum we’ve picked up since The Stick Up at The Great Escape Festival – for now we’ll just reveal these 3 clues : Pie & Vinyl, Burgess, Wight.


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Competition : Framed Art Print (Knowledge) Winner Announced

So the night at the Northern Lights was quite a giggle and with the help of Peter Gosbee we drew a winner : Eric Leroy – Congratulations Eric!

petting zoo art raffle at the northern lights pub in Brighton

Clockwise from top left : Mr. Gosbee oversees the draw. A gent in these shoes couldn’t possible be untrustworthy. A lucky winner of a bonus raffle. The grand prize winner Eric Leroy!

A couple of other prints were also won in fun little 50p raffles and another lucky punter won her choice of critter to be depicted in an upcoming Petting Zoo mini-print (she chose a wolf lit by a full-moon, cool!).

We will be shipping Eric’s framed print in the next two weeks and just have to thank everybody who supported us and bought a ticket, the Knowledge Shop of North St Brighton, Peter Gosbee and the Northern Lights pub.

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Competition : Framed Print Raffle (Knowledge)

See our competition link above.

Framed art print - serigraph - knowledge shop art raffle

The framed piece on display in The Knowledge Shop, North Street, Brighton… one of the brilliant stockists we neglected to tell you about in the great blog famine of 2013

The deadline for buying tickets has now closed!

The draw will take place at The Northern Lights Pub in Brighton on Friday 16th at about 9pm
(6 Little East Street, Brighton BN1 1HT)

the winner will be pulled by random and the prize shipped from our HQ within 2 weeks.

Also up for grabs will be 3 art prints in a seperate raffle that can only be entered by those present – music will be provided (spun) by friends “French” Denis and Peter Gosbee and we’re pretty sure some good Scandinavian spirit will be enjoyed by all at the bar.

Just to re-iterate, winners for the main prize need not attend.

Thank you for your support and patience – wait till you read our next post about what is coming up as a result of that trip to SXSW we enjoyed thanks in part to your raffle ticket buying!

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Misc : April and May are MENTAL

OK so we have so much to do through this time let me tell you… I can’t  even sit here very long to edit or spellczech – everything is whizzing along!

petting zoo posters are featured on the bbc

Screengrab : A spot of PZ on a regional BBC spot
(this must have been 2013 – the venue was different this year)

We did Screenadelica at the Liverpool Sound City festival, coaching there, checking stock and hanging the show, then working the shop, then keeling over fatigued and drunk (x3 days), taking it down, re-checking stock and coaching it home to get stuff together for The Stick Up Poster Show which launches tomorrow (8th 9th & 10th of May) as an official part of the Great Escape!

front page of the great escape festival shows a petting zoo poster in an article link to the stick up poster show

Screengrab : The Stick Up Poster Show – fully endorsed as a partner of the Great Escape Festival
(spot the Wytches poster)

Do check out the website ( and make a note of the trail… we have been so busy hanging posters – you wouldn’t believe!

the geese pub, sticky mike's frog bar, the green door store, the windmill pub and the create photography studio are all on the stick up gigposter trail

The Stick Up Trail 2014 : click on the pic for the downloadable/printable pdf

So we have work in The Create photography studio, the Green Door Store, Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar and also at a wooden rotunda by the Spiegeltent where great escapees will get their ticket’s traded for wristbands – great exposure!

so… give us a little break and we’ll get back to you about the raffle (sorry – it will happen)


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Gigposter : Kurt Vile (solo)

Gotta blog this one real brief like, although we’re extremely happy with how this whole chapter turned out (Kurt and his manager Rene are two very easy to get along with guys)…

We’re running around getting the poster show we curate together (The Stick Up) and before that kicks off we’re headed to Liverpool (Screenadelica at Sound City) plus we have our Open House that we’re supposed to be promoting *plug plug plug*

…and …and – well – we’ll have to tell you about what is going on after all that sometime later – but understand – April and May are super hectic months – we’re not shirking from the blog OK?

So anyway, here’s the design – Kurt is a skater, he has a practice amp with him at all times we gather, his favourite guitar is the Jag 64, the waves in the background try to reflect the slightly hypnotic effect of his guitar play …Oh! and on a more personal note, the black swallowtail was this cool little messenger of good vibes the Zookeeper had visit him a few times while camping on the high sunbaked shores of the Colorado River… (kinda like Sandy’s little robin in Blue Velvet)

kurt vile and pall jenkins concert poster by petting zoo prints & collectables

Kurt Vile (solo), All Saints Church, Brighton – Screenprint, 4colours – A2, from an edition of 64

We’re quite pleased with the lazy scuff and sunshine that we managed to achieve here, we were aiming to channel the title “Wakin On A Pretty Daze” and a slight touch of the gentle Kurt’s goofiness (written respectfully there – the ZooKeeper himself is a prize goof, it is well documented).
This is the first occasion we’ve had two different keylines (the final, usually darkest, outlining colours) and the idea was by leaving the violet off the cactus (except in a few select shadowier places) we might suggest the light kinda glowing through the thinner parts of the plant… dunno… what do you think?

The most important news is that Kurt and the gig-goers liked it and that his management have licensed the image from us to create t-shirts from it… more news on that as it breaks.

If you dig the print, we have a few of our share left and they are available at £25 each – email to snag one – cheers.

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