Misc : March Round Up (the skinniest skinny)

I think that’s what they say in the States right? “Here’s the skinny”

There is a ton of activity happening here at The Zoo, way way too much to allow us to sit around blogging all day… but essentially, the zookeeper is back from his jaunt in the Texan Hills having had an amazing time at Flatstock 43 (SXSW fest – Austin), expect a full report on that soon… the preparations are underway for a HUGE gigposter event that we curate called The Stick Up (Great Escape Festival / Brighton Fringe Festival) …and the raffle listed under our competition page has been extended to the end of April in light of an unanticipated domestic relocation which The Fates thought might just add a little spiciness to an already loaded schedule. A night of music, tipples, giveaways and discount sales can be expected – we hope you’ll update your calendar when we confirm the date and venue (though you don’t have to be present at the event to win the star prize!).

Let us though just quickly cap this post with a pretty promotion for the upcoming Art Junky event that we will be attending at the Phoenix Arts Centre (Brighton) in a few days time. A family friendly favourite, we are looking forward to doing one of these again – it’s been an age!

art junky flyer, 5th and 6th of April, at the Phoenix Centre - Brighton

Pop along to the Phoenix Centre (10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton) and grab yourself some sweet treats!

check the webpage here : www.phoenixbrighton.org/events/art-junky-13

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Artprint : Singers

Ok, got dangerously close to slipping back in blog coma there – too easy…

So like a self administered slap about the chops, let us present this latest post! Here’s a print that’s proved so popular that we’re sizing up the likelihood of another edition…

singer sewing machine blackbird print - serigraph

“Singers” – Screenprint, 4colours, 64x45cm – 1st edition of 40

Pleased with the response this print has gotten – lots of people have recalled their mothers or grandmothers’ old Singer sewing machines… the zookeeper can remember the smell of the oil, dust and lint as the big curved wooden box lid was lifted off his mother’s Singer… magic stuff.

The second edition of these will be marked so, a higher number will be printed, and they’ll be available from this site for £38 (a very good price we are sure most of you will agree)

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Competition : SXSW fundraiser art raffle! *ED!T*

We are extremely excited to announce that Petting Zoo is off to Austin Texas this March to participate in the Flatstock poster convention being held there (an integral part of the South By SouthWest music and arts festival).

We were awarded a grant to help us get over there from the UK Trade & Investment department via the wonderful peeps at the UK Poster Association – one hundred thanks to you!

To help us raise the bucks to cover our other costs, we are holding a raffle and throwing a fundraiser party (T.B.C. – check back)…

Below is the star prize – a nicely framed art-print – the very last one of an otherwise sold out edition… some of you will recognise it as the 2012 Esben & The Witch gigposter but without the text. Quite possibly the Zoo’s most popular piece, we hope that you will be pleased to enter the draw to win it for your wall (or the wall of someone special to you).

Framed art print - serigraph - knowledge shop art raffle

The framed piece on display in The Knowledge Shop, North Street, Brighton… one of the brilliant stockists we neglected to tell you about in the great blog famine of 2013

To enter the raffle, you just need to purchase an entry slot for £2 (or £5 for 3 slots)

You can either do this at the Knowledge shop having inspected the prize there (your email will be taken at the counter for notification purposes) Or you can Paypal us at this email address : pzprints@gmail.com …be sure to write “Knowledge Raffle” in the message window when reviewing your payment details.

Sadly only people residing in the UK can enter (postal issues)

The draw will take place *ED!T* toward the end of April  with names randomly selected by computer (the more slots you purchase the more chances you have of winning of course – imagine slots are electronic tickets) …An independent referee will conduct the draw at the fundraising event… other prizes, bumper sales, mystery tubes and activities will also be happening but if you cannot make it fear not :


blue serigraph by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

“Duplicity” Artprint – Serigraph, 4colours – A2, From an limited run of artist proofs.

*ED!T* We have extended the competition date to the close of April due to an urgent and unanticipated move, which we needed to arrange right at the start of March just 10 days before our flights were scheduled… needless to say that there was a spell of panic but the situation has been fixed. As this edit is being typed, we are home from our Texan adventure, we are midway through our move and we are preparing the participant list for The Stick Up poster show that we curate : these are our highest priorities and we are very grateful for your patience regarding this raffle… we are still yet to confirm the exact date and venue for the draw, but we intend to make it a sweet occasion and followers to the blog and raffle slot buyers will be updated by email AND the knowledge shop will have the info too.


Feel free to comment below or use the same email address (pzprints@gmail.com) to get any queries answered. Thank you for your support and GOOD LUCK!

Detail of the prize


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Misc : The Reshackling Of The Reluctant Blogger

Keep your knickers on your giddy aunts – please! this is just a brief little update…

The escapee has been caught, berated, wrist-slapped and now here he sits tiptap-typing his public shaming. Yes its been well over six months since the last Petting Zoo studio update! – disgraceful, I agree.

Note that for the first time on the easypz page, I am writing in the first person, because in honesty we have been an I for some time – personnel come and personnel escape, y’know how it goes…
anyhow, despite some of the hurdles that life presents and the turns that we all must navigate from time to time, despite the quietness here on this curious corner of the internet, the workings  have been creaking on and ink has been sploshing… there will be backdated posts popping up soon and you can stay abreast of them (if you’re not already subscribed) by putting your email address in that ZOOPOO window up there on the right.

Keep an eye out too for the upcoming competitions!
(let me slip back into saying “we” again).We are raffling a couple of framed pieces to help fund our upcoming trip to Austin Texas for the SXSW festival (yep! more about that in a post to come) and then there will be the odd giveaway as we start to promote this year’s Open House and of course The Stick Up poster show 2014 – its going to be a monster!

So stay tuned and forgive the lull of electronic posting – Blogotron has been engaged once more it just remains for a line of thanks to be included to everyone who has kept in touch and been in contact, to the Zoo’s associates and the friends and family who have provided such support over these first few years… quite a blessing.

Peacepipes y’all,

Spencer PZ

Mouse Print by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables : ZOOPOO

Short yes, but sweet.
We’re back on the blogging train.

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Opinion : Growlers VS Gringo Star

Ok this is a first… just a rant, an opinion… Just have to ask why The Growlers are getting such rave reviews? – a lot of friends are cooing about them, but frankly The ZooKeeper (yours truly) can’t muster much excitement from the stuff that I’ve heard or the performances I’ve witnessed online. Seriously lacklustre – sorry …actually, no – no not sorry.

do stop this vid when it begins to grind you…

For similar Americana twangs and reverb, drawling vocals cooked in the sun and doused with root-beer, for sound mixing that the Kinks would be proud of – for all this with harmonies and a good pinch of pep! check out Gringo Star… they sink them growlers easy – a damn cinch – no contest.

It was hard to pick which track to choose for you, they have a ton of goodies (compared to the slew of uninspiring growler dirges) …here’s one with a bit of colour in a simple video, just so you style-over-content hot-new-thing-chasers don’t drop out due to the low tattoo count or whatever… grrr! can you tell I’m a bit peeved?

…These boys have undertaken numerous tours of the UK and Europe, all self booked, funded, managed etc. Even if knackered with the flu, they never fail to deliver a belting show with infectious enthusiasm, be it in a quiet, provincial venue or to a difficult crowd of spoiled, slick city kids. I absolutely love their gigs.
Could I be bothered to see the growlers? yes… I’d need to find out if I am really not getting something – but as you can tell, so far I’m doubtful I’d be rocked by them.

Maybe they’re supposed to be “ugh” …that’s cool – I can dig lackadaisical Beck like wilts. But I just don’t get the buzz they are generating… next to them Gringo Star are as punchy and energetic and fresh as The Soft Pack (another corking band you ought to check if you haven’t already pop-pickers) and they have a varied buffet of different tempos, flavours and moods – not just quaalude soup and limp, hangover bread… UGH!

Grigo Star are better than the growlers, so says Petting Zoo studios.

Gringo Star, European tour-poster 2008 (the year of Petting Zoo’s official launch) – Screenprint, 3colours – 45x31cm approx, limited edition long sold out

Anyway – logging off – thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

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Gigposter : Moon Duo

We got the chance to do the poster for Moon Duo’s Brighton show in August… here it is

limited edition gig poster screenprinted by petting zoo prints and collectables : Moon Duo & Youthblood

Moon Duo, The Haunt, Brighton – Screenprint, 3colours including metallic blend – A2, from an edition of just 30!

It was a great gig, the duo were lovely and the response at the merch table was good, as a result we have very few of these left – the green-light to proceed with this project came SO close to ‘Doors Open’ that we kept the edition number real low (as well as re-employing the format explored in The Wytches poster weeks earlier)

Moon duo : The Haunt, Brighton : Petting Zoo poster

Detail shot

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Gigposter : The Wytches, Boon Magazine Showcase

If you’ve not heard these boys yet – you must!

Simplified and somewhat tacky description? OK, a young Jack White on a bad trip – you asked for it.
Seriously, that’s inadequate and unfair (though it does paint a picture) so check out the vid at the end of this post to get a better grasp and make your own mind up.

Here’s the poster we made for their gig at The Boon Magazine showcase…

the wytches gigposter GDS Brighton

The Wytches, gigposter, The Green Door Store, Brighton – Screenprint, 3colours – A2, from an edition of just 40

We have a number of these left for sale – £20 each… hit us up on pzprints@gmail.com thanks!

petting zoo prints & collectables poster for the wytches

Detail shot : On the drying rack


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