Exhibition : The Pie & Vinyl Poster Show (Party)

Dear Reader,

the cold silences that you endure must surely make days like this rather joyous – days when this little blog gently beeps its little electronic apology, assures you that everything is well in the world of Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables, then finally treats you with warm and colourful pixels arranged with great care – a glimpse of recent projects – or perhaps an exciting preview of what is to come.

Today is one such day my friend, we shall be bamboozling you with 2 …maybe even 3 posts!  – I know – WOW!

So compose yourself, you poor neglected creature, steady yourself against a telegraph pole perhaps (if you are reading this on one of those clever portable devices) and let us warm up with the first announcement – Tonight is the night of the Re-View party of the Pie & Vinyl Poster Show at the Guildhall in Portsmouth.

pie and vinyl poster show party - live bands and djs - a chance to buy framed exhibition artworks

THE PIE & VINYL POSTER SHOW Re-View – Thurs 17th September – Ports Guildhall

This is a free entry event, and the doors are open from 5.30pm so that people get a chance to pop in straight after they leave their offices – why? because the Portsmouth Cultural Trust want anyone who hasn’t yet seen the show to pop along and do so AND they’re offering a 30% discount on the remaining unsold framed posters from the show!

The night properly kicks off when JALOU play their soft and lilting slightlydelic sound at 7 and then Christopher George Whitear from Sink Or Soar takes to the stage at 8. There will be drinks and nibbles of course and hopefully lots of hobnobbing opportunities, people of opposing sexes etc.

So pretend I’ve given you loads of notice, shelve your date and other less exciting plans and come down. We’re really proud to have had the opportunity to select the work for this and very chuffed with the framing that we picked out for our buddy Chris Williams to put together – that was an extremely fun part of the project and something we hope The Zoo can repeat sometime soon down then line.

Will update with photos later… onward to our next blog now *squeal*


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