Design: Pie & Vinyl Identity Revamp

A quick blog to highlight a logo revamp/rebrand that Petting Zoo worked on with good friend Sam Williams of MagicTorch Illustrations.

For those of you who don’t know, Pie & Vinyl is a very much loved indie cafe / record store based just a stone’s throw from the beach and funfair, on one of the most vibrant streets in Southsea, Portsmouth.


The guys were among the very first stockists of Petting Zoo gigposters and called on us to curate the Pie & Vinyl GigPoster Show at the city’s guildhall some years back… we’ve also promoted one or two events of theirs with prints both screen-printed and digital, and in fact, it was one such occasion that sparked this design commission.

…good buddy Mr. Foot was testing the waters, hoping to launch a long-running DJ residency at the shop and got in touch to arrange a promotional poster… he wanted his portrait on it which we found rather challenging – it wasn’t until we got right down to the fact that it was the lower eyelids that needed perfecting to nail the likeness that we started making satisfactory progress. This hurdle being suddenly leapt by simply employing two semi-circles, trespassing onto the perfect circles of his smokey blue irises,  caused us to explore the possibility of rendering the caricature entirely from those shapes…


…success! we finally had something that looked unmistakeably like him!

Next up was the formalising of the layout and the branding (Pie and Vinyl’s pie spinning on a gramophone). Well, despite adequately serving the small higgledy-piggledy shop for their first 10 or so years , the hatched, steampunk, pseudo-etched rendering of said logo just did not fit next to the sloopy curves of the portrait and so we thought it might be fun to take the liberty to rebuild it in the same manner as the main illustration (see top left corner above).

The poster went down well, and P&V’s Steve was soon on the phone to us investigating the possibilities of employing the new version of the logo for an upcoming revamp.

Here’s where we needed help – initial attempts at an isometric (flat / zero perspective) finished piece just looked confusing and a 3D model seemed the best way to go for accurate perspective, so we got in touch with our old buddy in Brighton. It took just a few backwards and forwards of ideas and tweeks to nail this (such is Sam’s professionality) and we even created a ghosted, transparent version complete with inner workings!


We were over the moon with the finished aesthetic (soooper soooper simple) and yes – YES, that’s correct – it DOES animate! …we can’t wait to share that with you (but will have to due to being a dumbass when it comes to video formats) – just trust us, Sam nailed it – it’s ACE.

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2 Responses to Design: Pie & Vinyl Identity Revamp

  1. Lucy Rainsford says:


    I’ve been looking ages for the John Spencer blues explosion poster you did for the Birmingham gig & I can’t find it anywhere.

    Do you have a copy of the poster I could buy?

    With thanks,

    Lucy Rainsford

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