Saffron Hunt : Stylist and formidable end of level baddy

Sam Chivers : Spots, stripes and an inky labcoat

Matt Sewell : Creator of sweet stuffs

Luke Drozd : As talented as he is warped

Magictorch : Rocking illustrators on Tron lightcycles

Strong Island : Mr Savage positively documents Southsea’s  scene

RocknRoll : just some of the bands we have worked with!

Little Barrie

Heavy Trash

Gringo Star

The Dirtbombs

Big Squirrel

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Two Gallants

Royal Bangs


Crystal Antlers

Black Lips


The Thermals

Je Suis Animal

Evangelicals (will link after feeding time)

Mount Eeerie

80s Matchbox B-line disaster

You’re Smiling Now But We’ll All Turn Into Demons

The High Plain Drifters

Websites & Resources : ZooPoo on the original and best gigposter archive

Art Chroma : Excellent large format printing yo!

BONZO Studio : P.I.Y.      …print it yourself (come onnn – keep up)


6 Responses to Links

  1. Dom says:

    Hi, I spotted a Moon Duo gig poster when you were at the seafront yesterday but didn’t have time to stop. Could you tell me how much they are and how I’d get my hands on one?

    • hi there Dom… as is often the case the Petting Zoo Keeper has left blogging at the bottom of the priority list… We have designed and printed a Moon Duo gigposter yes, thank you so much for getting in touch even though it hasn’t been posted here yet.

      They are selling for just 16GBP …we’ll email you and arrange shipping shortly.

      2015 Update
      only a couple of these left – now £30 each

  2. Bard says:

    Hi. I met you at JSBX. I had the cat and cross bones tattoo. I was going to send you pics of my signed Prints of yours – JSBX and heavy trash. Send me an email and I will.

    I have got the gladiator signed print we talked about.

    I’m going to Neko Case in London. Will any fox prints be there? If not can I buy one online.



    • Bard! good to hear from you sir, I will be at the Union Chapel show – not sure if I will also be at the Lex, due to studio commitments – HOWEVER the prints will be on sale at both shows – don’t hesitate to get in touch though if for some reason you don’t get your hands on one… I’ll be holding onto a few for exhibitions and poster-fairs.
      Cheers, hope to see you and say hi again – Spencer.

  3. nick says:

    Hi Guys,
    Saw you at White denim at ACT last night and wanted to pick up one of those lovely prints for my GF seen as it was valentines, can you get in touch please?

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