It’s spitting…
Monday’s solemn clouds of sobriety promise downpours that will wash away all trace of fun, drown idle daydreams and rinse the colour from the world, till next weekend at least…

But somewhere, weekday after weekday, still in pyjamas, the Petting Zoo staff will be adrift on rafts escaping the gloom and marveling at the weird and wonderful fauna that scampers and lollops over puddle and pool.

Exploring the space between societal roles (tinker, toymaker, layabout, loaf) the Zoo’s limited edition collectables aim to skirt realms both slick and goofy, to adorn nursery, boudoir, bachelor pad alike… and do so with a spot of dashing and a dash of stripe.



14 Responses to About

  1. Popcorny says:

    Nice work petting zoo. Love the colours! When is your next show/fair?
    x Popcorny

  2. tony baker says:

    I’m organising an exhibition of hand- produced posters in March at a new gallery in Leeds – THE Gallery at Flannels – and would love to show some of your work. It would be great if you could contact me.

    tony (baker)

  3. Just seen around Southsea… Crocodile Tearses and Giraffeses… They sure get around!
    On my wall Collingwood Road Paste-Up

  4. Lee Casey says:

    love your work mate! nice meeting you at Bonzo, I’ve just framed ‘xavier’ thanks again!

  5. Chacho says:

    Hello! Love your work. Where I can contact you. Don’t find any email. Please write me chacho.puebla@lola-madrid.com

  6. Sarah says:

    Have you got any shows in Southsea coming up? Or do you know of any local galleries that stock your prints? A friend has a fox and a cat print that I love. Thanks.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Do you sell prints/posters?


  8. Mark says:

    Hi Petting Zoo!
    I’d dearly love to own, one, or even two of the lovely Singer prints but cannot find how or where to purchase from!?
    Please help!
    Many thanks

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