Community Project: The Brook Club

Just a very quick post to let you know about a community project we worked on a while back in conjunction with the Aspex Gallery…

The Brook Club is a youth group based in the Central Community Hub in Somerstown (Portsmouth) that engages teens and pre-teens from the local area in social, sports, arts and other positive activities. The patience and understanding of the staff is incredible, as they carefully offer a safe play/meeting space and win the trust of their members, putting themselves in a position to offer guidance and counselling if it should be requested.

I was asked if I would work with the group over a number of sessions to design and then handprint a poster to both advertise their good work and to serve as a takehome project for participants – “Look Mum, I made this today!”

HUGE-GAP-May2016-aug2017 125

Having agreed on the poster’s layout and information (featuring large playful characters meeting in a stable space) I took in photocopies to be coloured in by the group with patterns, blends and handwritten lists of the activities available.

Holding the attention of the group proved to be quite a challenge, and competing with the karaoke machine and pool-table as an energy outlet would be tricky for most visiting activity leaders I’m sure – but I am pleased to say that when we actually printed the piece over two sessions, I managed to re-recruit almost everyone who had been a part of the design process.

brook club

A Brook Club attendee prints a demonstration piece at one of the introductory hands-on sessions.  (Note – the youth are way too cool for an apron)

I am very proud of the results and hope that some of those that helped out were inspired to get into printing or design or any other challenging creative pursuit as a result of these sort of activities that the Brook Club puts on for them… I’m extremely grateful to the Aspex gang for hooking me up – thanks!

brook finished

The finished poster featuring freehand script, marks and patterns made by attendees : Screenprint, 3colours (incl 2 blends) – A2, from an edition of approx 30 (un-numbered)


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