Gigposter : Kurt Vile & The Violators

screenprinted poster for Brighton's recent Kurt Vile gig

Kurt’s Fender Jazzmaster with tortoiseshell pickguard : signed here by the man himself.

Lo and behold Petting Zoo’s 3rd hand-printed poster for Kurt Vile’s visits to Brighton. This was an especially great show – I (Spencer/Zookeeper) had been yearning for a big, noodly, J.Mascis style, lilting guitar solo at the last gig but alas, one never issued forth (possibly due to the heat of the crowd and cold November draft from the Concorde 2’s fire exit de-tuning strings)…
this time however there were some great rambling plays, absolute gems, not showy or finnickety, but broad and generous and delivered with wry, eyes-shut, half-smiles. Blooming ace.

So I guess it’s fortuitous and serendipiti-docus that The Zoo procured a few shots of a guitar Kurt’s management knew he’d be bringing to the One Inch Badge show (in Hove, actually).

We have a few of these available for sale (unsigned by Kurt) and a couple (2, signed by Kurt) that we’ll hold onto till our new spanky webshop is launched Woohoo!

email us on to enquire – or see if you can snag one from Pie and Vinyl on Castle Road in Southsea

(more news involving those lovely pie-merchants coming v soon!)

many thanks for reading.

limited edition concert memorabilia for Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile & the Violators, All Saints Church, Hove – Screenprint, 3colours incl 1blend – A2 from an edition of 60



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