Gigposter : Esben & The Witch 2014 (Process : Seps)

OK – here we are at the last stage before hitting the studio… each stencil has been prepared by separating the colours ready to be printed out as positives (these will probably be tinkered with too – a little scuff of hand-painted ink on the fur most likely and a snip here and there).

We’ve put together a simple animated gif to show how each of the colours will go down through the screen stencils (and in the order that they’ll printed in) …still playing around with colours and opacity – the only colour that is a cert is the first creamy shade and it’s quite unlikely that the penultimate colour (the keyline) will be a straight black.

animated gif showing the colour separations of a screenprinted gigposter

A demo showing how the colours will stack on our upcoming EATW gigposter

Not sure if there will be photos uploaded and blogged about for the next stages before the gig on the 29th – but we will be continuing this process thread for your delectation/dismay as soon as we’re able… can’t help fretting that the finished piece will be a mess compared to these pre-print shots – we are NOT the best printers in the world and are learning every day – but it should come out pretty close

…you can’t get better at something without trying and doing though hey?

Enjoy your holidays folks – stay warm!


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Gigposter : Esben & The Witch 2014 (Process : Comp)

Continuing on with this harebrained plan – here is the next stage, the comp. This is where we end up when all the Shift, Squint, Re-Size, Shift, Squint, Shift part of the process is pretty much done… a lot of the dusting and colouring is done too and there’s just a little Separating/Splicing left to do. The colours will no doubt change – this’ll be a good print for doing different colourway versions of actually – so  look forward to that!


Comp preview of an Esben and the witch gigposter that Petting Zoo is working on

Head shifted, tail reversed – she looks a bit more comfy now.

As you can see, we ditched the flight case and made the she wolf (inspired by Esben’s ‘No Dog’) as big and strong as we could in the A2 composition. The new album was recorded by Steve Albini in a simple stripped down way to convey a sound that was tempestuously heavy in places while fragile in others – we kinda wanted to do the same thing with this print – nothing fancy or gimicky, big and strong and simple. We are toying with one extra focal detail that may well make it in – a locket …we’ll see.

Those colours are gonna change by the way – we just showed a near monochrome version here – we seriously hope we can get nice strong opaque irises like that though.

Fingers crossed everyone – hopefully there will be some shots of the print looking something resembling this in a couple of days!

Once again it’s time to get a sweet black tea on the go – cheers!


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Gigposter : Esben & The Witch 2014 (Process : Sketch)

Petting Zoo has landed the opportunity to get a poster done for EATW’s last gig of the year at London’s Lexington – quite a significant gig too (for reasons I’m not sure I’m allowed to announce)…

Anyhow, the zookeeper has been trying to be good and crack on with the work the past few days but has been strangely restless and in all honesty, not especially productive – SO! to spur things on, to add a little pressure to the mix, it has been decided that we’d uncharacteristically publish some milestone phases of the poster’s creation process! like, way before we’re nearing completion – this is dumb!

The idea is that if the thrill of showing off the odd key phase of the edition’s production isn’t exciting enough, then at least the dread of publicly screwing up should ensure a job well done – we hope *gulp*

so here is the very first initial sketch – scruffy as hell and anatomically uncomfortable… great! who thought this was a good idea?

sketch of a wolf for an esben and the witch poster by Petting Zoo

Rough beginnings – don’t worry, we’ll make it work – oh sh*t oh sh*t!

Essentially the process is / will be for this : Splat, Scratch, Scan, Shift, Reshape, Shift, Colour, Dust, Scratch, Re-Dust, Subtract, Seperate and/or Splice and Save…

…there may well be another round of Splat, Scratch, Scan and there almost certainly be a truckload of Shift, Re-Size, Shift …Squint… Shift, Re-Size, Shift going on but we thought we’d omit all that from our list there because we didn’t want it to, y’know, get silly…

…this by the way is the bit before we get to the studio and start mucking about with screens and ink, just to be clear – there will be some Scuffing and Snipping going on there and we wouldn’t that to confuse you at this early stage ok?

Right it’s probably time to bite the bullet, press “publish” and get a sweet black tea into the bloodstream – yikes!


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Misc : The Close Of A Strange Year

Well here we are folks – the twelfth minute of the eleventh hour of 2014… what an incredibly exciting, yet remarkably challenging, dozen months it has been!

As is usually the case, the Petting Zoo blogbeast, after numerous interesting and noteworthy events have passed, has eventually clambered up to the keyboard to allude quite enigmatically to a general sense of frenzied industry without really getting down to much discernible detail… predictably he’ll bullet-point some of the highlights like…

a poster for noise merchants “God Damn”…

two fun weekends of November Art Junky…

a meeting with a folks about to open a fantastic gallery in Old Portsmouth…

the launch of a promising Brighton Collective…

a Waterboys poster for the Isle Of Wight Festival…

and not one, but two posters for globetrotting synth boppers Fujiya & Miyagi.

Finally (after assuring the poor, neglected folk who have signed up to the newsletter, that all those points will at some point be addressed and published) he’ll whack up a flyer for some super imminent event that The Zoo is attending… Like this :

North Laine record fair Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables alongside Tru Thoughts Acid Jazz Sunday Best

Pop Up Record Fair at the North Laine Pub in Brighton – Petting Zoo’s handprinted wares will be nestled between stalls touting sweet vinyl treats by labels including Fat Cat, Sunday Best, Acid Jazz & event hosts Tru Thoughts

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Artprint : “Tru Thoughts 15th Year” Commemorative Poster

If you are quick you can get one of the last PledgeMusic box sets that the Brighton indie label have put together with a specially commissioned screenprint by the Zoo.

Celebrating their 15th year as a recording and publishing outfit, the guys at the Tru Thoughts office have put together a range of goodies including the odd signed poster by other artists that were published when Tru Thoughts acts have played various shows around the world – ours however was an especially commissioned edition of 55 and we’re pleased to report that pre-sales have very nearly secured homes for the entire batch!

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables were asked to produce a commemorative print celebrating 15 years of Tru Thoughts

Tru Thoughts 15th Anniversary Poster Commission – Screenprint, 4colours, 64 x 45cm – From an edition of 55

Click here for a chance to snag this box-set deal (£70) or to select one of the other various goodie bags ranging from £50 – £300
…or click here to see (and listen to) some of the quality acts that Tru Thoughts have brought the world (Alice Russell, Quantic, Bonobo, Nostalgia 77, Rodney P, Lost Midas, Youngblood Brass Band etc etc)

The Zoo will be printing a small number of artist proofs and studio proofs that will be available from our stalls at various events and fares or by emailing us ( …printing soon – we’ll update when done.

Thanks for reading.

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Exhibition : Aspex Gallery – Contemporary Makers Fair

Portsmouth's Aspex Gallery

The Aspex is found in the historic part of Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

Just logging in quickly to tell you that Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables have a stall at the Aspex today (Saturday 9th) and tomorrow (Sunday 10th – duh!)…

Our second time here and very chuffed too – it’s a pretty slick space and has a great roster of shows and workshops – a real gem. Maybe catch a few of you down there – cheers!

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Gigposter : Loop – Primavera

Just a very quick blog to let you all know that we’re off to Primavera in Barcelona in a few days time! We will be manning the Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables stall at Flatstock Europe which is held within the festival site and it’s set to be quite an exciting time by all accounts – lots of friends will also be representing their studios and there’s a number on the roster that we’ve not yet hung out with – good times ahead!

Even more exciting is the news that we have secured a poster by long time favourites of The Zookeeper : LOOP!

psychedelic gigposter for LOOP by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables - Primavera Spain

Loop, Primavera Festival, Barcelona – Screenprint, 3colours (process CMY)– A2, from an edition of 80

Focussing more on the sun and heat of Barcelona than perhaps the darker aspects of band imagery that a “soundhead” might have possibly expected, this poster still captures the boom and fuzz and howl of Loop’s hypnotic sound – the basslines of “straight to your heart” and “the nail will burn” were being hummed for lengthy durations whilst this poster was designed and printed… ah the heady days of 89/90 …good memories.

detail shot of the hand-printed Loop poster

detailed shot of the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow fizzing away on top of each other

We’ll post again when we get back – hopefully with some great photos… there’s plenty more good news to tell about the momentum we’ve picked up since The Stick Up at The Great Escape Festival – for now we’ll just reveal these 3 clues : Pie & Vinyl, Burgess, Wight.


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