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poster advertising the Petting Zoo poster exhibition

Please come along to a special viewing on Thursday 24th of March (6pm-8pm)

Apologies to those of you not on Twitter (we are, follow us @pzprints), for this rather late announcement regarding our biggest show to date. You may not have yet heard that we have filled 2 walls beneath the main hall in the Portsmouth Guildhall (by the cloakroom)…

There is plenty of time to pop along and see it still (it’s on till May 14th), but aside from a little line in the previous post, you may not have been aware that there will be a special (boozy) viewing this Thursday (the 24th) which can accommodate a very large number of you all and will give you the opportunity to learn a little more about how The Zoo ticks, as well as daft stories from the past 8 years and other subjects of possible interest thought up by you or other question firers…

Portsmouth is a wonderful, unique and spirited city, and Spencer, (the Zookeeper) is expecting some Mick-taking and heckles if not just the odd tricky question, so hopefully that’ll be fun to behold – well that or the red-faced squirming he’ll perform if particularly stumped.

display of 14 cool merch posters in frames

A small section of the larger wall display. The show consists entirely of limited edition concert memorabilia that has been printed by hand, some works are still available for sale and recent ones are still very close to their original price at the show (unframed).

A huge thank you must be extended to Julia, Ollie and especially Clive who, as operatives of the fantastic Aspex Gallery, have assured us that our posters would be a welcome exhibit in their space since we met them at Makers’ Fairs back in 2011 and ’14…
…although the show had to be put together and hung very quickly indeed, it has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team and get everything set.

Thanks also to the ever helpful staff at the Guildhall, the receptionists, Stuart the concierge and Nick who pretty much runs the venue now it seems (previously a stage director back when Spencer was lugging lights and amp stacks with the local crew each gig)… It is hard to convey what a nice “return” this has been – after a tough time that was endured, prior to finding and engaging this vital, inky passion, that is…

…anyhow, we’ll hopefully see you there to chink your glass!   Cheers!

to see the aspex listing go here : http://aspex.org.uk/whats-on/

aspex gunwharf portsmouth

And why not? here’s a shot from the Aspex Gallery’s 2014 Makers’ Fair.


About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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