Artfair(s) at the close of the year

Wow look we sneaked in an extra post, to make it 5 for 2015!

This is just a very quick note to let you know about artfairs we will be attending this month (all in Brighton strangely – no Portsmouth invites *sob*).

We’re also going to post in a couple of images that haven’t been aired on here previously – due to slackness / whirlwind schedule (equally applicable).

walkmen poster by petting zoo prints & collectables

Gig Poster, The Walkmen, Bestival (Screenadelica) – Screenprint, 3colours, A2 – Edition of 100

…tomorrow (Saturday the 5th) we will be at the North Laine Pub for the Dead Wax Society Pop-Up Record Shop / Fair …huge thanks to Penny and Jude at the North Laine for their greenlight and assistance… should be a belter of a day if the TruThoughts fair held there previously is any indicator of potential

concert memorabilia for Johnny Marr by Petting Zoo

Gig Poster, Johnny Marr, Bestival (Sceenadelica) – Screenprint, 4colours (incl a blend), A2 – Edition of 100

Next up will be the New England House Fair which begins on Thursday the 10th and ends Saturday the 12th… we will be with friends MagicTorch in the South Wing of Floor 5 …thanks Sam for the invitation to participate.

poster for fujiya & Miyagi and AK/DK by Petting Zoo prints & Collectables

Gig Poster, Fujiya & Miyagi, The Haunt, Brighton – Screenprint, 2colours, A2 – Limited edition

and lastly we will be attending the GO! Craft fair that new friend Libby runs -that’s Saturday 19th December at The Hope & Ruin, Queens Street in Brighton – its only open between 12pm-3.30pm so please set a reminder on your walkie-talkie if that’s the only day you can make it along to catch us. Do let the Zookeeper know if you follow the blog, he might be inclined to do you a discount if you see a couple of things you like.

Cheatahs played at Primavera and Petting Zoo screenprinted a poster to commemorate the show

Gig Poster, Cheatahs, Primavera, Barcelona – Screenprint, 2colours, A2 – Limited Edition

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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