Misc : October & November

This is getting daft isn’t it? I mean the gaps between blogs – the yawning inactivity of this site …well it’s not the same that can be said for THE REAL WORLD!!

Petting Zoo has been a super industrious pumping house these past couple of months – siphoning opportunities, pushing our luck and overflowing with, um… gushes of creativity? (that was a bit rubbish – apologies)

Let’s, for now,just hit you with some pics and a super brief line or two (we may or may not go into more detail at a later date with some dedicated posts)…

First up was the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg for Flatstock – and Colored Gigs in Liepzig and then Dresden …much fun, lots of new friends made, sales were strong (thank you everyone!) and the Schwartzbier was a delight… oh we got some of our prints archived in a fancy Museum of art and trade – cool!

The Pie & Vinyl Show came down during that 15 day trip, as did the Dum-Dum Stratagem show (yep neither have been satisfactorily documented – apologies) and upon landing back in England, the priority job was a new tour poster for the mighty Jon Spencer Blues Explosion…

jsbx poster by petting zoo

UK Tour Poster, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Screenprint, 3colours (incl a blend), A2 – Edition of 100

Next up was a print for Kurt Vile for his appearance at the Concorde2 in Brighton…

kurt vile screenprint by petting zoo prints & collectables - Brighton England

Gig Poster, Kurt Vile – Screenprint, 3colours, A2 – Edition of 50

Then we nipped over to Le Guess Who? Festival in Utrecht, and stayed with good friend Joris Diks. That was great, it’s such a neat city to visit (but beware the lack of supermakets and offies – making you feel quite unsophisticated when you ask for the directions to one – it’s as though they are as rare and outmoded as old school phoneboxes). Anyhow we made two posters hurriedly for bands we didn’t exactly get clearance from – Faust who are cool with it and enthusing & Swervedriver who were/are very enigmatic and elusive …talks proceed (slowly) – but we designed these with the whole point being we could trim off the bottom if the band objected to their sale – that didn’t occur, but still, lets wait and see – we aren’t bootleggers.

faust poster by petting zoo

Gig poster, Faust, Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht – Screenprint, 2colours (incl 2 blends) – A2, from an edition of 50

screenprint for le guess who festival utrecht by easypz (petting zoo)

Gig Poster, Swervedriver, Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht – Screenprint, 3colours (incl 1 blend) – A2, from an edition of 50

finally we near where we are at today! in Utrecht the ZooKeeper bumped into the guys from Metz and arranged a limited edition print to commemorate their appearance at the upcoming Mutations Festival here in Brighton…

one colour screenprint for Metz at the Concorde 2

Gigposter, Metz, Mutations Festival, Brighton – Screenprint, 1 colour – A2, from an edition of 50

…and last but definitely not least, we are super chuffed to announce that we are printing this next print for the wonderful Neko Case! So excited to finally see her live and very proud to be producing this edition for sale on her merch stall not only at Mutations Festival but at The Lexington and Union Chapel too! so so cool!

Neko Case Fox print by petting zoo prints and collectables

Gig Poster, Neko Case, multiple venues – Screenprint, 3colours (incl a blend) – A2, from an edition of 100

Neko’s shows are promoting the launch of her “Truckdriver, Gladiator, Mule” vinyl box-set …a very nice package of work spanning her illustrious career which is available at her online store – go check it out

These and many more prints will be available to purchase on our stall at the All Saints Church in Hove this coming Saturday (part of the Mutations Festival) …and eventually elsewhere – sign up for news on that by filling out the ZOOPOO mailbox thing in the top right corner of this page.

Thanks for reading – sorry for the delay in posting

(there’s actually more to come – such as the Gatefold LP design we did for Cheatahs which has been chosen by Design Week as one of the top 50 LP covers of the year! wow! go vote for it if you really think it better than Bjorks’ !!!)


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2 Responses to Misc : October & November

  1. David T says:

    Hi there, How would i lay my hands on one of those beautiful JSBX posters ? All the best Dave

    Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 19:23:14 +0000 To: davidtormey@hotmail.com

    • (email sent Dave – thanks)

      We have a limited number of Artist Proofs that we’ll be taking to exhibits and poster shows and that The Zoo is permitted to sell here online. They are £25 each at the time of posting but shall rise in price when we’re down to the last few… anybody after any of our pieces should hit us up at pzprints@gmail.com and tell us where in the world we would need to arrange a postal tube for… thanks

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