Gigposter : God Damn

Here’s another print we did at the close of the year – at the very excellent Drill Festival.

If you weren’t aware, this Black Country duo (a trio in fact, once a bandmate recovers from car crash injuries) who signed to the excellent One Little Indian are very, really, very, extremely, very loud!

During a God Damn gig, one cheery but mighty and lumber-limbed guy (Ash) gives you the impression that he’s probably smashed 3 drumkits to smithereens before breakfast – while the other (Thom), also upbeat and jovial, has double or triple amped his guitar and is nimbly triggering Monstergut Tremor pedals, all the while howling like some chieftain in the midst of bloody battle…

Yeah – that loud.

We needed to make a poster that expressed this simple matter of volume level in a manner as raw and simple as the band’s dangerous buzzy sound (so actually kind of in a brutish, ill-mannered manner) …here it is below – we hope you like

go damn screenprinted gigposter by Petting Zoo

God Damn, Drill Festival, Brighton, UK – Screenprint, 3colours, including 2 subtle blends & metallic ink – A2, limited edition*

There were two shows in all, at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar supporting Big Business and then at The Green Door Store (amongst many bands we personally didn’t find as visceral or exciting).

check this and imagine having to go on stage after

Do buy their album if, like me, you get a kick from hearing what dangerously buzzing valve amps can do. The link to do that is here :

…and don’t hesitate to paypal £15 to if you want one of these big noisy posters to explode on the wall of your digs. Include another £5 postal if you are outside Europe – thanks.

As ever, that’s an introductory offer that will end as stocks diminish to a slim flat-file happy stack – and though I can’t recall the edition number as I type, that won’t be long.

(*edition number will be checked and updated in an edit soon)

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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