Gigposter : Esben & The Witch 2014 (Process : Sketch)

Petting Zoo has landed the opportunity to get a poster done for EATW’s last gig of the year at London’s Lexington – quite a significant gig too (for reasons I’m not sure I’m allowed to announce)…

Anyhow, the zookeeper has been trying to be good and crack on with the work the past few days but has been strangely restless and in all honesty, not especially productive – SO! to spur things on, to add a little pressure to the mix, it has been decided that we’d uncharacteristically publish some milestone phases of the poster’s creation process! like, way before we’re nearing completion – this is dumb!

The idea is that if the thrill of showing off the odd key phase of the edition’s production isn’t exciting enough, then at least the dread of publicly screwing up should ensure a job well done – we hope *gulp*

so here is the very first initial sketch – scruffy as hell and anatomically uncomfortable… great! who thought this was a good idea?

sketch of a wolf for an esben and the witch poster by Petting Zoo

Rough beginnings – don’t worry, we’ll make it work – oh sh*t oh sh*t!

Essentially the process is / will be for this : Splat, Scratch, Scan, Shift, Reshape, Shift, Colour, Dust, Scratch, Re-Dust, Subtract, Seperate and/or Splice and Save…

…there may well be another round of Splat, Scratch, Scan and there almost certainly be a truckload of Shift, Re-Size, Shift …Squint… Shift, Re-Size, Shift going on but we thought we’d omit all that from our list there because we didn’t want it to, y’know, get silly…

…this by the way is the bit before we get to the studio and start mucking about with screens and ink, just to be clear – there will be some Scuffing and Snipping going on there and we wouldn’t that to confuse you at this early stage ok?

Right it’s probably time to bite the bullet, press “publish” and get a sweet black tea into the bloodstream – yikes!


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We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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