Gigposter : Kurt Vile (solo)

Gotta blog this one real brief like, although we’re extremely happy with how this whole chapter turned out (Kurt and his manager Rene are two very easy to get along with guys)…

We’re running around getting the poster show we curate together (The Stick Up) and before that kicks off we’re headed to Liverpool (Screenadelica at Sound City) plus we have our Open House that we’re supposed to be promoting *plug plug plug*

…and …and – well – we’ll have to tell you about what is going on after all that sometime later – but understand – April and May are super hectic months – we’re not shirking from the blog OK?

So anyway, here’s the design – Kurt is a skater, he has a practice amp with him at all times we gather, his favourite guitar is the Jag 64, the waves in the background try to reflect the slightly hypnotic effect of his guitar play …Oh! and on a more personal note, the black swallowtail was this cool little messenger of good vibes the Zookeeper had visit him a few times while camping on the high sunbaked shores of the Colorado River… (kinda like Sandy’s little robin in Blue Velvet)

kurt vile and pall jenkins concert poster by petting zoo prints & collectables

Kurt Vile (solo), All Saints Church, Brighton – Screenprint, 4colours – A2, from an edition of 64

We’re quite pleased with the lazy scuff and sunshine that we managed to achieve here, we were aiming to channel the title “Wakin On A Pretty Daze” and a slight touch of the gentle Kurt’s goofiness (written respectfully there – the ZooKeeper himself is a prize goof, it is well documented).
This is the first occasion we’ve had two different keylines (the final, usually darkest, outlining colours) and the idea was by leaving the violet off the cactus (except in a few select shadowier places) we might suggest the light kinda glowing through the thinner parts of the plant… dunno… what do you think?

The most important news is that Kurt and the gig-goers liked it and that his management have licensed the image from us to create t-shirts from it… more news on that as it breaks.

If you dig the print, we have a few of our share left and they are available at £25 each – email to snag one – cheers.

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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1 Response to Gigposter : Kurt Vile (solo)

  1. zara hunt says:

    Shouldn’t that be practice ramp?

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