Artprint : Singers

Ok, got dangerously close to slipping back in blog coma there – too easy…

So like a self administered slap about the chops, let us present this latest post! Here’s a print that’s proved so popular that we’re sizing up the likelihood of another edition…

singer sewing machine blackbird print - serigraph

“Singers” – Screenprint, 4colours, 64x45cm – 1st edition of 40

Pleased with the response this print has gotten – lots of people have recalled their mothers or grandmothers’ old Singer sewing machines… the zookeeper can remember the smell of the oil, dust and lint as the big curved wooden box lid was lifted off his mother’s Singer… magic stuff.

The second edition of these will be marked so, a higher number will be printed, and they’ll be available from this site for £38 (a very good price we are sure most of you will agree)

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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6 Responses to Artprint : Singers

  1. Deborah Smith says:


    Can I buy one of these prints please?


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Jessica Watson says:

    Hi Spencer. Do you have any of these left?

  3. Kelli says:

    Hello, I saw this print hanging in the Little Bird Cafe in Brighton and frantically Google searched until a HURRAH I found you!
    Do you have any of these left? I would absolutely love to purchase one for my boyfriend. Thank you!! X

    • Hello Kelli …this print is WELL overdue it’s scheduled re-edition… we have had problems with the supplier of the particular paper/board we print these on and have had a whole other whirlwind of events to attend to before getting everything ironed out – we moved 3 times last year and still are sorting our storage out! mental! …so please bear with us. I have added your name to our mailing list (hopefully you will get a prompt from wordpress to join) this will put you at the front of the queue when these Singer prints drop.
      Thank you so much for hunting us down – we’re very pleased with the response this piece has gained!

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