Opinion : Growlers VS Gringo Star

Ok this is a first… just a rant, an opinion… Just have to ask why The Growlers are getting such rave reviews? – a lot of friends are cooing about them, but frankly The ZooKeeper (yours truly) can’t muster much excitement from the stuff that I’ve heard or the performances I’ve witnessed online. Seriously lacklustre – sorry …actually, no – no not sorry.

do stop this vid when it begins to grind you…

For similar Americana twangs and reverb, drawling vocals cooked in the sun and doused with root-beer, for sound mixing that the Kinks would be proud of – for all this with harmonies and a good pinch of pep! check out Gringo Star… they sink them growlers easy – a damn cinch – no contest.

It was hard to pick which track to choose for you, they have a ton of goodies (compared to the slew of uninspiring growler dirges) …here’s one with a bit of colour in a simple video, just so you style-over-content hot-new-thing-chasers don’t drop out due to the low tattoo count or whatever… grrr! can you tell I’m a bit peeved?

…These boys have undertaken numerous tours of the UK and Europe, all self booked, funded, managed etc. Even if knackered with the flu, they never fail to deliver a belting show with infectious enthusiasm, be it in a quiet, provincial venue or to a difficult crowd of spoiled, slick city kids. I absolutely love their gigs.
Could I be bothered to see the growlers? yes… I’d need to find out if I am really not getting something – but as you can tell, so far I’m doubtful I’d be rocked by them.

Maybe they’re supposed to be “ugh” …that’s cool – I can dig lackadaisical Beck like wilts. But I just don’t get the buzz they are generating… next to them Gringo Star are as punchy and energetic and fresh as The Soft Pack (another corking band you ought to check if you haven’t already pop-pickers) and they have a varied buffet of different tempos, flavours and moods – not just quaalude soup and limp, hangover bread… UGH!

Grigo Star are better than the growlers, so says Petting Zoo studios.

Gringo Star, European tour-poster 2008 (the year of Petting Zoo’s official launch) – Screenprint, 3colours – 45x31cm approx, limited edition long sold out

Anyway – logging off – thanks for letting me get that off my chest!

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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4 Responses to Opinion : Growlers VS Gringo Star

  1. liaspinelli5 says:

    i agree, but there’s a sort of head bobbing quality to it none the less, which is very much lacking in most music these days. we need to talk music. i need more to chase from you 😉

  2. Don’t get me wrong, there are tracks I quite like of theirs – “Lizzy” for example (probably as it’s an instrumental) … I am ok with ramshackle, laces untied, druggy surf skiffle… I just am suspecting there must be some hype machine leg-humping going on or, as I stated, something I am missing… Gringo Star work harder, play better and have about 400% more life about them – they deserve the attention.

    Unless of course the “appeal” is being so washed out, thin sounding and crass – like half-arsed Black Lips. If that’s the deal then there is no need to drag Gringo Star’s good name into the debate.

    So in closing Lia, I’d say to anyone who has been whipped into a frenzy over the growlers, who like the guitar sound, the reverb, the vocal style… try out my boys, G.S.
    They’ll take that sound, trump it, harmonise over it and break a sweat when delivering it from the stage.

    and yes – its nice catching up Mrs.

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