Gigposter : AC Newman

Zookeeper’s can only take so much “cute” …chipmunks and raccoons are very endearing to most folk it is true, unless you end up being around them all the time and have to continually change their sawdust, deworm them and wipe eye-bogeys when they get conjunctivated* etc

So here’s a typographic poster for a change, no fur, no feathers, no snotty, chirping, dirty little vermin – just clean typographical abstraction – ahhhhh

Set up by San Fran’s agents of ink and venom, Secret Serpents, this was part of a U.S. tour series and got posted out to San Diego…
If you’re not familiar with the talented ginger-nut that is A. C. Newman (undoubtedly a bigger name over the Atlantic), he’s the frontman and ringleader (alongside Neko Case) of The New Pornographers – and if you don’t know them, well get diggin on ze googlez and school yourselves.

A.C. Newman concert memorabilia, poster by petting zoo prints and collectables.

A.C. Newman gigposter, Casbah, San Diego – Screenprint, 3colours – A2 from an edition of 100

If pushed, we’d compartmentalise AC’s sound somewhere between The Fruitbats’ and Brendan Benson’s …but that would be a needless, quick and lampooning exercise to try and introduce new people to his work so they’d get hooked and then come back and buy this poster (for just £15 +postage)… so please – don’t push us.

Also, forgive us for our tardy blogging, or don’t, we are quite possibly never gonna catch up – deal with it – xo

*Zooillogical term

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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