Gigposter : Alabama Shakes

Ok so, last year we got to do this poster to commemorate the Alabama Shakes’ 2 sell-out shows in London on their autumn / fall tour…

petting zoo poster for Alabama shakes - london concert memorabilia

Alabama Shakes gigposter, Coronet and Forum – Screenprint, 5colours – A2, from an edition of 120

Unless you’d been hiding under a rock for 2012, you’d be considered a bit “off the heat” pop-culture wise if you’d not heard of these hot potatoes – they have been splashed all over the music press and squeezed through the airwaves a whole lot since being picked by Jack White to support him on an extensive tour… they are sizzling!

The story of how we landed the gig is quite long, and we’ve not quite got back into the flow with the blogthing yet – so excuse us if we just bullet-point the key stages:

1. go to Brighton’s late license watering hole, The Green Door Store, expecting nothing but a couple of pints, a nod and hello from one or two of the usual suspect night-owls and maybe a foot-tapping tune …receive from bar manager a backstage pass to End Of The Road Festival (on at that very moment, that very weekend) wow!

2. wake slightly hungover, rediscover pass, snake it onto the wrist and stagger to the train station…

2a. get to Salisbury, buy ginger beer, catch a country bus, pick a thistle buttonhole and stroll the last 2 miles on foot

3. arrive, see good friends Nick “The Switch” Rhodes and Kai, bop about to Graham Coxon and then (with a touch of Dutch courage) try out the backstage pass at the Big Top stage.

4. make it backstage, watch Deer Tick from the wings, try to locate backstage hospitality bar – strut straight into Alabama Shakes dressing room like a total intruding fool!

5. brainfizz! red cheeks and optimistic opportunism! chat to tour manager hurriedly about postermaking, swap emails, retreat sheepishly and apologetically.

6. enjoy 3 sets of varying power and intimacy by the Shakes – oh and hang out briefly with Patrick Watson at the Piano Stage (amazing fun) …do other stuff till festival close – go home.

7. See the Shakes again (same week) at Bestival then again at Brighton’s Concorde 2 – at this latter show we have brought our portfolio of prints, once to the soundcheck (no good – band going for lunch) and once again at the close of the show (no good – band going out for beers)

8. amble a little disappointed, but still kinda buzzy from the gig, to The Green Door Store again, this time bumping into a rather drunk, good-for-little friend “Scottish Rob” on the way.

9. have a drink and laugh for a bit (the place is empty) till bizarrely, yup, the Alabama Shakes and tour manager stroll in!

10. Show the band the portfolio finally and get the go ahead, all the while amused but somewhat anxious about Scottish Rob swinging singer Brittany about dangerously on the cobblestone dancefloor (he really was hammered).

So there you go – that’s what it takes sometimes, a bizarre chain of stupid drunken coincidences and some barefaced cheek!

Anyhow – do email us ( if you’d like to pick one of these up – just £20 each until we get down to our last few (+p&p).

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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