Poster : Kings Street Tavern December Artfair

Sorry for the late posting of this – its all a bit manic in the zoo still

If you’re in the area, get along to the King street Tavern this Saturday for a bite, a pint and a gander at some wicked hand-crafted / painted / stitched / printed wares…

black swan screenprint by Pettin Zoo Prints & Collectables

December Artfair Poster – Kings Street Tavern, Southsea – Screenprint, 2colours, 45cmx31cm – yet to be editioned! (will update)

If that’s not enough notice for you, well then get along to the Blind Tiger (Brighton) the following weekend for an artfair bridging both days!  – will post about that early next week if we catch a breath.

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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5 Responses to Poster : Kings Street Tavern December Artfair

  1. Lauren says:

    I have two of your King St craft fair prints and I’d like to get this year’s one – will you be selling it at the craft fair tomorrow? Or if not, how can I get hold of one?

    • Hi Lauren – thanks for collecting these and pursuing your third piece…

      I know we settled this online elsewhere, but just for the benefit of anyone popping up here with the same question I’ll answer again

      These will indeed be on sale at the fair at a very friendly price of £12…
      there will also be an artprint version available without the text (which may need an overhaul now that 5 of these posters have been made) and both will be available through this here studio blog via paypal (at a slightly inflated price for postage, packing etc)…


      • Lauren says:

        Hello Spencer – just a quick one to say thank you so much for the print on Saturday, it’s framed and up on the wall and looks brilliant. It was really nice to meet you – I’ll try and email a photo of the three prints together on the wall when I get a chance. Hope you managed to get some sleep eventually, and the rest of the fair went well.

      • thanks for supporting local indie ink smooshers!
        be sure to mail if you’re ever over Brighton way ok?

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