Publication : Gigposters 2013 Calendar

Are you a post-it-note hoodlum with little regard for timekeeping and diary updates? Too busy rocking out to sweet headphone riffs to give a damn when that appointment was that you only just moments ago booked with a hot hygienist?

Or instead, perhaps, you are a very together and streamlined individual, always on time – Punklicht – on the damn dot… are your friends and colleagues ridiculing you for being uptight? predictable? square?

If you are either of these guys, this is the solution for you… a rock n roll gigposter calendar featuring 11 big glossy reproductions of rock show posters by the world’s leading studios (and a 12th, by little old us)!

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables' Duke Spirit & R.E.M. poster features in this 2013 gigposter calendar

Gigposters Calendar 2013 – Published by Heye (DE)

Amaze friends by actually remembering when their birthdays are and pay bills on time so you can rock hard with peace of mind…

Blow your co-workers’ minds with this hip addition to your office cubicle… yes! the redhead on the dispatches desk now thinks you are badass!

Click here to pick up your copy.

2008 show poster -The Duke Spirit / R.E.M - Albert Hall

The Duke Spirit appearing with R.E.M., Gigposter, The Albert Hall, London – Screenprint, 2Colours – 64cmx45cm, From an edition of just 30 (Blue Feather variant)

Here is the poster featured in the calendar by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables – well, actually, it was the second collab between The P!nch and Mikey Foxtrot – founders of The Zoo’s style – printed at the legendary BDI studio in Brighton literally weeks before The Zoo’s launch… The P!nch had arranged a poster series for The Duke Spirit with screenprinty poster-makers from all over the UK (including the ungrateful Jack-knife whatnot who told the Art Of British Rock author that she had been approached by the band – B.S. sister!) 

…this was Mikey’s first foray into serigraphy since an abortive attempt back in the early 90s wearing a walkman that got tangled and mangled by a technician in the Uni’s gigantic press-arm.

There are two variants – Red Feather and Blue Feather (pictured) and 30 of each were printed… The Albert Hall have merchandise contractors who sell band stuff on the night of the shows and sadly they goofed up and didn’t put these on display until Pinchy noticed – which was around about the time that three quarters of the punters had already shuffled off (posterless) to their Jags and Range Rovers… gutted!

Still, it means there are still a few of each available for you lot! get in touch if you need one – 28knicker to you mate – (

It should be also noted (and not as a mere postscript) that credit and gratitude is owed to the webmaster/linkwizard Clay Hayes for including ‘The Zoo’ in his second volume of his Gigposters tomes, where the above poster caught the eye of the calendar’s publisher… cheers Mister!


About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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