Exhibition : Makers Boutique

Well well, what a long time it has been since we logged in to blog! A LOT has occurred!

Know that we will be posting about each and every haphazard episode of the studio’s amble over September but here’s the quicklist – a poster for Gary Numan and fun times at Bestival… A poster for Best Coast and fun times in Hamburg at the Reeperbahn Festival… A fun trip to Berlin and a print collab with Palefroi… Hanging out with Joe Loughborough in Berlin and working on a poster together… A poster for Turbowolf, Black Moth and new friends Bad For Lazarus!

Look forward to all of those – but for now get your skates on and roll down to the Fishing Quarter Gallery on the Brighton seafront and gawp at our prints for a while or two… the Maker’s Boutique is open now and for about another ten days there… check it out

petting zoo prints : brighton seaside exhibition

from the Brighton Fishing Museum site – there’s still something queer going on with that middle arch… we don’t get it

Ok …so – we got lots to get on with (tons actually) so let us go and get on with it! 

ta muchly.

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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