Gigposter : Esben And The Witch

Guys, we are too cool for this blogging nonsense! seriously, give us a break! We wanna go out and drink beer with our chums at the pub, not blow our little trumpet online.

Esben And The Witch are a brill three-piece FACT.

…just take our word for it, or google them and find out yourself and hear us in your head saying “told you so” …we’re not even gonna link them – use google or just take our word for it.

We aren’t too cool to say that we were massively chuffed to have finally got a poster deal with them – we’re like friends with them and everything, yeah – you read that right.

screenprinted concert memorabilia by petting zoo prints & collectables

Esben And The Witch, Gigposter, The Prince Albert, Brighton – Screenprint, 4Colours – A2, from an edition of 40

A little bit different to some of the usual critter pieces, we’re going to create a new blog tag for this style work, the sort of editorial/fashion-mag/advertising vibe posters that we enjoy making : Peacocks!

Wow that took nearly 10 minutes to come up with and that’s 10 minutes of pub time that you have taken from us – FOREVER!

Detail of a screenprint for Esben And The Witch's recent Brighton gig

Detail shot… note the earbuds – we are not necessarily apple fans, we just wanted a little modern twist to an oldy looking design.

Well look, now you got us talking about our art again and it has to be said that we do like talking about art, so we may as well give you lucky blogworms a little background on the poster… printed at Another Fine Mesh in Lewes, the colour scheme was picked out by Dan, the drummer/guitarist/synth-twister and he informed us that the themes of the new album included duality and dopplegangers (spooky) … he also indicated symmetry was something they were stimulated by (interesting for a three piece) so here’s a symmetrical subject skewed off to a third (don’t worry – we know what we’re on about even if it sounds like poppycock to you)…

character inspiration for Petting Zoo's Esben And The Witch screenprinted gigposter

Inspiration for the piece found in a book about fashion illustration …Say! Isn’t fashion a verb and not a noun? to shape, to mould? Think about it man!
…yeahhh “woah” indeed.

Up there is a pic that planted the seed for the piece. The picture won our admiration for the way it looks like it could be from just about 5 or 6 recent decades, but it was actually the short wall that the girl is stood against that planted the seed for our print… just that vertical line… funny huh? maybe not.

We will credit the illustrator in a comment on this post when we find the book in the Jubilee Library again…

Anyway – we’re finally off down the boozer – chin chin!

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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  2. We finally got that book on reservation from the library and would like to credit Bobby Hillson for the inspirational illustration. The more eagle eyed of you will note that her pencil lines were used on the sleeves and cuffs of our poster without being withdrawn – very nice marks.

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