Gigposter : Mudhoney

Big shout out to Secret Serpents (San Fran) who hooked us up with the band to produce a poster for their European Tour… Our date was in La Rochelle, France and it was very tempting to do something like “C’est nes pa une Mudhoney!” what with La Rochelle being the ‘typical’ example town in our old Tricolore french textbooks!

We opted for something a bit more in tune with the irreverent attitude of the sicko fuzz merchants in the end and went a bit outlaw and stole this horse sketch from another thief, P.G. of F.F. – screw you mister!

gigposter serigraph mudhoney petting zoo

Mudhoney & Non!, La Sirene, La Rochelle – Screenprinted gigposter, 3Colours (with slight metallic twinkles) – A2, Red Variant, edition of 75

Mudhoney screenprint, La Rochelle, France

Mudhoney, Non! Gigposter, La Sirene – Screenprint, 3Colours (incl metallic twinkles) – A2, Menthol variant edition of 25

This was a lot of fun to make and was printed with love and beer, by hand at Bonzo Studios, Southsea, Portsmouth. They will be selling studio proofs of the red variant and Pie & Vinyl also of Southsea “may” be taking some of the Menthol variants… if you can’t get to those places (or our Brighton stall on the beach) then hit us up on – thanks

HEAVY PETT!NG - Less cute, more adult themed work by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

HEAVY PETT!NG – Less cute, more adult themed work by Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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