Gigposter : Curxes

OK so here’s another slightly late post (May was a delightfully manic and busy month)… Friends of the Zoo, CURXES (pronounced ‘curses’) are a very exciting electronic duo with influences rooted very firmly in the age of early edgy synth pop, think Yazoo and Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and even Siouxsie Sioux…

We hope that’s a fair appraisal, Roberta (vox) may shatter our eardrums if we get it wrong – what a powerful voice!

Our knowledge of the band began with a Strong Island blog post showcasing a fantastic animation Roberta worked on for the single “Haunted Gold” …check it out, each frame is chopped glittered patiently shifted into place and scanned… incredible.

Our print was made to be multipurpose with only a few displaying gig/venue details, the others left blank for use at later shows. They are printed with metallic gold ink and cover the bafflingly daft subject of Schroedinger’s cat – a metaphysics paradox – errr yep!

Curxes - Great Escape Festival Brighton

CURXES Gigposter – The Great Escape – Screenprint, 2Colours – A2, Edition of 45 or thereabouts (memory fails us) – Printed at Bonzo, Portsmouth

Pick up your copy from the band at – or if they have run out, contact us on …cheers

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