Gigposter : The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

This is one of the proudest posts you’ll read this year! Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables vs The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in glorious triple colour! Without doubt it has been the Zookeeper’s greatest poster ambition to work with this band, one of his alltime faves!

Its also worth noting that this is the first Petting Zoo poster to make it to ATP music festival… Not just that but it seems from the reviews we read posted on the Pop Catastrophe site that The Blues Explosion devestated the crowds at that event – wicked!

Time to quit yapping though and just thank the guys at Bonzo Studio who let me print and paper every inch of all available surfaces in their space to get these dry in time… the quality of stencil was great! nicely timed exposures Karl.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion tour poster. Petting Zoo Prints

JSBX Tour Poster, American Werewolves In London & Abroad 2012 - Screenprint, 3colours, 64cmx45cm - Edition of 100

We have a small number of Studio Proofs left over to sell at Bonzo (Southsea) and a couple of Artist proofs here at the Zoo… (£20)

email us (

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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6 Responses to Gigposter : The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

  1. Yelp Bellow, Rasp Et Cetera

  2. Pedro says:

    Hey guys, any of these left?

  3. Hola chico, thanks for getting in touch!

    …these sold out we’re proud to say!

    however, we do still have a couple of the blue posters from the 2nd edition printed for the same tour… click click

  4. AHA! finally found out the name of an artist who deserves a credit on this – Sam Weber (check him out – he’s bigtime) …thanks to the phenomena of pinterest the identity of the creator of a little red riding hood illustration has been unveiled – a little anonymous jpg had been downloaded sometime and sat in the Zookeeper’s inspiration folder with a load of other miscellaneous pics, tags, throw-ups and zoological reference shots – the wolf’s muzzle and mouth is undoubtedly the shape we used here in our poster… definitely not a rip, but to use the word again “undoubtedly” worthy of comment and credit – Mr Weber, our hats are doffed – skills!

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