Gigposter : Graham Coxon (Bestival)

This was most pleasing – The good folk at Screenadelica let us participate in their Bestival operation this year offering us a choice of different performance artists that was ludicrously star-studded. We opted for perhaps one of the less kinda “off one’s nut” raving all night  festival acts that was on the list (after considerable umming and hmmming indecision), and chose a guy that we figured might well get the prints on some more cute indie girl bedroom walls.

It didn’t take long for the design decisions to be made however! The only thing we figured we’d do was avoid doing a pair of spectacles or anything too Park Life “know what I mean?”

Being a lover of Fender guitars and noting that Mr. Coxon had his own signature model of Telecaster, it was quickly decided that this would be a good way to go. Then a day passed and tea was drunk, biscuits were dunked etc and then click! A mission through the flatfiles to dig out a print for a customer lead to a brainwave… having opened the wrong drawer, a poster that is awaiting to be framed and hung in one of our homes came into view and was immediately admired again for the umpteenth time before the search for the sold print resumed. It didn’t take long however, for mental cogs to whirr prompting that wrong drawer to be reopened, a quick succession of nods to take place and the layout for the Coxon piece to be decided on. The lack of head (and so lack of spectacles) clinched it…

Petting Zoo's inspiration for their Coxon at Bestival poster - By Aesthetic Apparatus and Eric Hansen

Original guache illustration by Eric Hansen

The original above that we based our homage on was by the very talented (and crucially pivotal in the music poster scene) Aesthetic Apparatus of Minneapolis.

It’s pretty sweet as are they – check out their print process video below!

…by the way, to spare us the screaming of print frustration, a friend stepped in to yell in pain on our behalf – we need to send props and gratuitous grunts? of gratitude to Mr Matt Dixon who screened our posters for us – fanks mush!

So yeah – we proceeded down that path, shifting the composition upward just a little to focus a little more on the Tele’ and also to get a little bit of stripe in there – Mr Coxon and we share a love of the hooped tee you see. There are a few variations of colourways which we’ll post soon, but this original proved to be the most popular sales-wise at the Screenadelica stall (which was fun for us to hang out and work at by the way – a hundred thanks Mr. ‘Horse’ …we still got some of each colourway left which we’re selling for twenty knicker which was the original official Bestival price. Its a big, handprinted sheet of indie-bopping love – give us a buzz if you want one fired off in a tube to your door (

Graham Coxon gigposter - IOW, Bestival - Screenprint, limited edition - Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

Graham Coxon gigposter - Isle Of Wight, Bestival - Screenprint, 3colours, 64cm x 45cm, Edition of 100

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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2 Responses to Gigposter : Graham Coxon (Bestival)

  1. Jacob says:

    in 2003 I dated an NYU student. The Push and Pull on the dorms’ front door were in that font. What is it?

    • Hi Jacob! Actually that is a typeface we have been working on for some time now (we are always busy and often distracted when we are not – or tiddly) It was developed in 2010 for a series of posters celebrating Royal Bangs’ UK Tour (we shall backpost these soon)… A name for the face hasn’t been cemented but we’re veering toward something silly (as is the tradition for modern day ‘font’ design) …we will probably get around to finishing it this Autumn or Winter and will be selling it electronically for a very light sum… why not follow this blog to be among the first to know about its launch?

      Thanks for reading and getting in touch – we’d be intrigued to see similar typefaces (we’re certainly not arrogant enough to think that something this simple wouldn’t be the basis for a number of designers’ endeavours)

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