“Brighton Faunatic” A Petting Zoo Showcase!

We’re extremely proud to announce that the first stage of our debut solo exhibition has been hung and is looking dandy in the luxurious bar of Brighton’s most rock and roll hotel – The Pelirocco!

"Brighton Faunatic" an exhibition of Petting Zoo prints

"Brighton Faunatic" an exhibition of limited edition Petting Zoo prints

Officially listed in the Fringe Festival’s brochure and website, we think there will be quite a draw, so to ensure there’s enough of our “affordable art” to go around, we’re doing the show in two parts… digital prints (giclee) in editions of 100 that are available at unbeatable rates, then, later in the month, hand printed versions (serigraphs) in more limited editions at slightly more exclusive, but still very reasonable prices.

The brilliant owners and staff of the hotel have our deepest gratitude, not least for tolerating our frantic to-and-froing in the chaotic lead up and launch of the show… quarrelsome stick insects and a runaway penguin caused a right kerfuffle, but thankfully order has been restored.

If you’re in town, do drop by, the show is free to get in and looks far more stunning than these photos show. There’s a little buzzer on the door as you arrive – press that and the staff will admit you and offer you refreshments from the bar …I recommend you check out their list of cocktails.

Hotel Pelirocco, 10 Regency Sq., Brighton, BN1 2FG (directions)

If you are interested in purchasing (unframed) prints from the first, digital phase of the show, it’s pretty straight forward:

Small prints are £10 each,  measure 20 x 15cm and include

  • “Sasha” the streetwise, bubblelicous mouse
  • “Douglas” the cider swilling Somerset hog
  • “Xavier” the crazy bat and his prey
  • “Brett” the record collector donkey
  • “Pouco Pueblo” the scribbling baby tapir
  • “Dot” the exhausted echidna (spiky anteater)
  • “Bailey” the tabby with the top scores
  • “Echo” the nervous Streamertail (an Amazonian bird of paradise)

Petting Zoo prints adorn the walls of the Hotel Pelirocco all through May till June 17th

The long thin prints are £20, measure 20 x 50cm and include

  • “Jamelia” the gentle giraffe
  • “Chief Low Cloud” another giraffe, an elder of the grasslands
  • “Eugene” a cheerful chameleon about to enjoy supper
Eugene the chameleon, a print in the "Brighton Faunatic" exhibition at Hotel Pelirocco

Eugene the chameleon, friend of this year's fringe festival logo!

Lastly, large prints are just £30, measure 50 x 40cm and include

  • “Kimiko” a nimble, ninjitsu trained squirrel
  • “Rocky” a raccoon with a sweet tooth
  • “Sasha” a large version of the bubblegum blowing mouse
  • “Betsy” a saucy cabaret dancing beaver
  • “Beatrix” a merciless croc who wallows in Lady Luck’s shadow

You may have also noticed the signed and numbered cans. Yes, these too are available for purchase. “Condensed Crocodile Tears” are the first in a series of limited edition Petting Zoo canned collectables that make great gifts, paperweights or ornaments individually, while in stacks they occupy shelf space as a sculpture evoking memories of grocery store displays and vintage packaging.

Canned collectables on display at "Brighton Faunatic" a Petting Zoo exhibition

Petting Zoo Canned Collectables

Please note the actual contents are not suitable for consumption and the cans are intended as unopened curios.  A disclaimer on the can reads as follows:

Actual contents: Maybe custard, may contain nuts,
may contain lactose um, stuff, probably out of date,
possibly explosive? probably not.  BEST NOT CONSUME.

Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables accept no responsibility for bad tummies or hideous rashes that may occur due to the exposure of canned contents! dun dun dunnn!

Individual cans are £8, a stack of 6 cans costs just £30 and a stack of 10 costs just £40!*

*Cans are signed and numbered and are from a batch/edition of 100, stacks thereby are limited to availability.

Check out these bargains!

We’re always happy to cut a good deal here at the Zoo, as visitors to our art-market stalls know, so keeping in that tradition we’ve put together a number of discounted packages.

  • 4 small prints, just £35 (£5 saving)
  • 2 long prints, just £35 (£5 saving)
  • 2 large prints, just £52.50 (£7.50 saving)
  • 1 large, 1 long & 4 small prints, & a can “toy” just £70 (£28 off!)
  • 2 large, 4 small prints & a stack of 6 cans* just £85 (£45 off!!)

PLUS! All orders over £40 also receive a free Petting Zoo “Mind Your Fingers” print worth £10! …pretty cool huh?

Mind your fingers digital print comes free with Petting Zoo orders over £40!

"Petting Zoo - Admit One - Mind Your Fingers"

How to place your order.

At the hotel. Simply fill out an order form at the bar (just ask a member of staff for one) and pay at the counter. Your order will then be processed, securely packaged and sent to your specified postal address within a maximum of 10 days.

Online. details to follow very shortly.

The show runs until the 17th of June… next blog post will confirm the date that screenprinted versions will be available for perusal/purchase …thanks for reading!

About Petting Zoo Prints & Collectables

We're a UK based print studio & toy workshop documenting the feral farce of nature and all its cute & quirky critters.
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7 Responses to “Brighton Faunatic” A Petting Zoo Showcase!

  1. hi

    im currently on bed rest, with a very bad chest infection. However SI site directed me to you and I LOVE your work……the ROCKY, sweet tooth racoon….I would like to purchase one please.How do I go about this from my bed? Im to ill to make the exhibition.



  2. Strong Island? fantastic! they’re good people.

    We’ll soon be wading through “how to” files that came with a shopping cart app we just got our mitts on, but till then an old fashioned paypal to pzprints@gmail.com or even a cheque in the post will suffice… We’ve got your email and will reply directly.

    Thanks for your comment and enthusiasm, here’s hoping you’re back to full strength very soon!

  3. Katherine says:

    I’m in London and would like to buy £30 print of
    “Kimiko” a nimble, ninjitsu trained squirrel
    It’s a present for someone and his borthday is on the 5th of July and I’d like to get it framed in time…
    Shall i send £34 to your Paypal address?
    If you could email me I’ll send you my address etc

  4. Chris H says:

    Hi guys,

    I also found out about your work via the Strong Island website and it all looks fantastic, however I don’t think I can afford to get to Brighton before the exhibition ends :(. Any chance you could email me a preview image of “Douglas” the cider swilling Somerset hog please? That’s the print that I’m most keen on buying. I’ve already got a Paypal account so that’s not an issue. If you could let me know by email within the next couple of days then that would be great.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Thanks, Chris.

  5. Chris – nice one, cheers!

    ‘you have mail’ …but for others perusing the comments, here’s a link to the requested shot of “Douglas” … clicketyclick*

    thanks again – enjoy the sun!

  6. susanna says:

    Hi There! I’ve been trying to contact Spencer Zookeeper via mobile but I can not reach anyone :(. I am desperate to purchase a couple of the prints which were exhibited at Paddle around the Pier some weeks ago. Where can I get them from and who should I contact? I’m a little confused?! 😉
    Thanks in advance.


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